Bridget Osborn — Gulfport, Mississippi

It all began 5 months before my husband was due to honorably separate form the Navy. He had watch with a newly enlisted 19 year old named Bridget. I did not think too much of it as the ratio from men to women was not too far off. He all of a sudden started having late watches more than normal (like, every watch). This was highly unusual because the command that he was with, was the one that I was in and they alternated watches unless you were in trouble or didn’t do your job! His last “official” day in the military, he went out with a guy that he had known for a while (picked him up and everything). This guy was a mutual friend who had a wife and 2 kids at home. While he had picked my husband up, he also picked up Bridget Osborn. I tried to call my husband who was at the time eating hooters wings. Later they were to go to a strip club in Louisiana. He never came home until the following night. Then he proceeded to say that he was spending the night at his buddies house…yeah ok!!!! What a lie! He did go to hooters and a strip club, but his girlfriend Bridget joined them. They stayed in Gulfport (for the stripclub) He proceeded to have sex with her that night. Two months went by and I barely seen my husband. Pretty soon, a crockpot went missing from my kitchen. Then a tv soon after. This SOB had been giving her my cooking equipment and our furniture!!!!!!!!! Took her publically (in front of our friends) on dates at the restaurant WE used to go to, took her to concerts and made me look like a blind fool. Ahhh, I forgot the best part! He took her to meet his mother in MY car after I PACKED his cologne, toothpaste, undies, etc!!! He picked this skank up! She drove my car! The worst parts about it are yet to be exposed!

He came home and I kissed him, everything was great! Until I went to take the suitcase out of the car, out popped a used condom!!!! I was devastated. The next night, he never came home so before work I waited outside the barracks (where she lived) there he comes, walking out holding her hand and kissed her. I felt like I could have died! I even felt like I did! My world was shattered. I left him that night. Then he came up 1 week later to my parents house baring gifts and flowers (promising me he would stop!) I took the bait only to wake up that night to hearing him talk to her on the phone explaining to her that he would be back soon because the “fishing” trip that him and his buddies went on was rained out!!!!!! He came up to get me back but instead just wanted a weekend getaway bc he wanted BOTH of us!! From this, I learned a VERY valuable lesson! Never, and I mean never trust a man with 100% of your heart unless he gives you a reason to trust with your whole heart!   Good luck, married men still living in Mississippi! I bet she has her eyes peeled!!   I am posting three pictures. The one is her, the other two were a text convo between him and her when he would spend the night with her. The last is the night I left him!

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