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“For a long time now I put myself as 49 not 51, because men don’t just search in that category and if they do they are in their 60s.

“I kind of felt guilty about it, it is not because I want to be dishonest I just want to find someone my own age.”

Ms Carr believes the 50th birthday milestone is a mental barrier for men, and says she fesses up to her real age after meeting her dates in person.

She is not alone, data published by the The Australian Seniors Insurance Agency this month found four in five Queenslanders over 50 lie about their age on dating apps.

Clinical psychologist Matthew Worthington said while it was not healthy to lie about your age, it wasn’t uncommon.

The mother of two said she was still hopeful she would find love on Tinder.

“Most people are terrified of being alone and fear rejection, that is why they lie,” he said.

He said the more people felt disconnected, the more likely they were to turn to online dating apps to feel validated.

“Some people feel so worthless they think they need special things like trinkets, fast cars and younger partners for a sense of validation from their friends.

“Basically that is what they are after they don’t know how to make themselves comfortable inside.”

Ms Carr, who is the mother of two teenage boys, said in her experience, about a quarter of men her age used online dating apps to find casual sexual partners and many others to find partners 10-15 years younger than them.

“The biggest challenge is just trying to find quality people, there is not a shortage of men but there is a severe shortage of quality men – it is like finding a unicorn,” she said.

“I think the older you get the more baggage people have.

“There are also lots of married people using it and people who claim they are in open relationships.

“Then there are people who are still in love with their former wives or girlfriends. People get on to Tinder after a few months of being separated and then find they are not ready.”

Ms Carr said she had tried a host of online dating apps and websites, but was yet to meet her Mr Right.

“The last time I was in love was 10 years ago,” she said.

“I have had a tonne of experience with online dating but have not had much luck, I am slightly jaded but still hopeful.”

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