Brisbane nurse accused of Tinder rapes ‘drugged victims, stole identities’ | #tinder | #pof

Court documents reveal the drug the accused is alleged to have used most often is alprazolam, also known as xanax, a tranquilliser commonly used to treat anxiety disorders.

However, he is accused of using oxazepam in one case – used to treat anxiety, insomnia and alcohol withdrawal. It slows down the central nervous system and messages between the brain and the body.

The man was represented by Legal Aid when his case was mentioned in Brisbane Arrests Court on Thursday.Credit:Toby Crockford

The alleged rapes took place between August 2016 and July 2020, according to court documents.

Most of the alleged rapes and sexual assaults occurred at a house in the Logan suburb of Springwood, south of Brisbane, and at a high-rise apartment block on Mary Street in Brisbane city.

Offences were also committed at a townhouse in the Logan suburb of Waterford West, a townhouse in the Logan suburb of Bethania and a south-east Queensland hospital.

There are also several alleged victims detectives are yet to identify, but the man has still been charged with committing criminal offences against these mystery people.


During the search of the man’s Mary street apartment, police allegedly found a series of restricted and controlled drugs.

The man was represented by Legal Aid when his case was mentioned in Brisbane Arrests Court on Thursday. It was adjourned to a committal callover next Monday in Brisbane Magistrates Court.

He was first arrested in August when police raided his apartment on Mary Street as part of an investigation into the alleged sexual assault of a woman in her early 20s in July.

The victim had allegedly visited the Mary Street address after arranging to meet the man on Tinder before being drugged and raped, police said at the time.

Detective Inspector Glen Farmer of the City Valley Crime Group said the man allegedly used social media dating sites to deceptively target victims before administering substances and filming himself in non-consensual sexual acts with them.

Police seized several mobile phones, video recording equipment as well as prescription and illicit drugs. There was a video on a mobile phone depicting other potential victims, according to police.

The accused was charged at the time with 10 offences including stupefying in order to commit indictable offence, rape, sexual assault, unlawful stalking, as well as drug supply and possession.

Detectives issued an appeal in August to identify other potential victims. As a result, another 31 victims were identified, police allege, and he was accused of raping 21 women in total.

On Wednesday, the man was charged with more than 125 fresh offences. His charges include 46 counts of rape, 38 counts of observations or recordings in breach of privacy, 14 counts of stupefying in order to commit an offence and seven counts of unlawful possession of restricted drugs.

He has also been charged with computer-hacking offences, distributing intimate images, impersonation and stalking.

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