Bronx judge chastises accused serial bride for missing court date before releasing her

Get her to the court on time!

That was the message a Bronx judge had Monday for accused serial bride Liana Barrientos before he sprung her from jail for missing an earlier court date.

“You missed… the very first court date that I set,” Judge Steven Barrett said to Barrientos, whom he’d had locked up May 19. “From my perspective, you had an inadequate appreciation of the seriousness of these proceedings and the obligations of this court.”

But Barrientos, 39, has learned her lesson and would never miss another court date, said her lawyer, Chris Wright.

“She did express a great deal of remorse and frustration with herself for missing that day and she apologized to me,” Wright said. “She will make her future court dates.”

In court were Barrientos’ three adult children, who Wright said would ensure their mother’s promptness.

“You very quickly made me second guess my judgment by your irresponsible actions,” Barrett said of releasing the woman once before.

Though he considered maintaining her bail, Barrett said, “Instead I’m prepared to give you a second chance.”

“Do not get re-arrested. Do not do anything stupid,” Barrett warned. “No new arrests. None. Be here on scheduled days, be here on time… 9:30 in my court room. Do we understand each other?”

“Yes,” Barrientos immediately responded, smiling and blowing kisses at her children as she prepared to be released.

Neither she nor her attorney would comment as they left court. She is due back in court on July 30.

Barrientos was arrested in April for an alleged immigration scam where she married 10 foreign-born husbands in 11 years — without ever filing for divorce.

She is charged with filing a false marriage license application and a bogus marriage license, which are felony counts that carry a maximum prison sentence of four years.

Source: Daily News

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