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Of all the companies on the 2019 Fortune 500 list, only 33 have women CEOs. The number of women CEOs is only growing and hopefully, we will see a lot more females running big businesses in the future to come.

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There is a handful of female CEOs that are important for all women and men to know. These women worked hard to make it to the top and they deserve just as much recognition. These women are driven and are some of the most respected people in their fields. From running Heineken to YouTube and even In-N-Out Burger, these are some of the most talented female CEOs in the world.

10 Lynsi Snyder – In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger may have most of its location in California, but that doesn’t stop people from traveling to the state to get a bite out of their famous burgers and fries. A woman by the name of Lynsi Snyder is behind the delicious fast food meal and is the only grandchild of Harry and Esther Snyder, who founded the burger chain.

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According to Forbes, Lynsi Snyder has a net worth of three billion thanks to her successful work in the fast-food industry. In 2012, Snyder was the youngest American female billionaire and on her 35th birthday, she received control of the company’s stock in its entirety and is the sole owner.

9 Mary Barra – General Motors

Mary Barra became the first female head of an automobile manufacturer in 2014, working her way up to become CEO of General Motors.  According to Forbes, at 58-years-old, Barra has a net worth of $55.8 million with her main focus on improving customer experience and working hard for GM’s vehicle and service businesses.

Barra may have found interest in the automobile industry after her father spent almost 40 years working at a Pontiac factory in Detroit. She began working for GM at the age of 18 and would later end up managing an entire assembly plant. Her dedication to General Motors from a young age earned her the top prize.

8 Lisa Su – AMD

Many people might not know who Lisa Su is, but she is an important figure in technological advances and CEO of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), an American semiconductor company that develops computer processors for business and consumer markets.

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Items like your laptop, cellphone, and even high-tech military equipment depend on AMD hardware. Lisa Su is a Taiwanese American business executive and electrical engineer, who became the CEO of AMD in 2014. Her net worth stands at $217 million.

7 Susan Wojcicki – YouTube

Of course, everyone knows what YouTube is, but people may not know that a woman is the CEO of the streaming platform. Susan Wojcicki became YouTube’s CEO in 2014 and worked exceptionally hard to where she is today.

She found herself working for Intel and later met the founders of Google, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin, who used Wojcicki’s garage to build Google. She became the search engine’s 16th employee and marketing manager and later climbed up the ladder to become Senior Vice President of Advertising and Commerce. Wojcicki was the woman behind Google buying YouTube for $1.65 billion and is now the streaming network’s head honcho.

6 Michelle Gass – Kohl’s

Michelle Gass is the CEO of Kohl’s Corporation and has held the position since 2018. While many other’s big department stores have failed to keep open, including big names like Sears and K-mart, Gass has successfully strengthened Kohl’s with a remodel and with the help of the thousands of associates that work there.

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According to Forbes, while the pandemic has hurt numerous retailers, Gass has been on a mission to “rescue, review, and reimagine” her company. There are more than 1,100 Kohl stores across the country and Gass is working hard to keep the consumer happy with new additions, including more activewear and digital sales.

5 Whitney Wolfe Herd – Bumble

Millions of people have used dating apps to find love with one of the most popular ones being Bumble, a dating app that puts women in control. Whitney Wolfe Herd is not only the CEO of the popular app, she invented it herself after leaving Tinder as its marketing manager.

Bumble has amassed 22 million users, and as of September 2019, was the second most popular dating app in the United States. Herd is one of the most influential women in the tech world today. She is also the CEO of MagicLab, the parent company of other dating apps valued at $3 billion.

4 Safra Catz – Oracle Corporation

Safra Catz is an essential leader in tech as she serves as the CEO of Oracle Corporation, a company that sells database software and technology. In 2009, Catz was named by Forbes as the 12th most powerful woman in business and as of 2017, is the highest-paid female CEO of any U.S. company, earning $40.9 million and has a net worth of $1.1 billion.

As one of the most powerful business leaders in the world, Catz has proved that women can make it to the top with hard work and being humble. When she was invited back to Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennslyvania to give her commencement speech, she shared, “In my view, the difference between those that are successful over the long term and those that are not, are those that can look at their own successes with a touch of humility.”

3 Corie Barry – Best Buy

In Best Buy’s 53-year history, Corie Barry became the fifth CEO in the company in 2019. Barry worked hard to become CEO after working with the company for 20 years, starting as a senior financial analyst in 1999 and quickly working her way up, becoming the CFO in 2016.

Barry has played a vital role in developing the companies growth strategy and sees Best Buy as her family. “I love this company, and I mean it when I say that it feels like family. The amount of humility I feel stepping into this chair is immense and, at the same time, it’s balanced with a true sense of excitement,” Barry shared when she became the new boss. As of September 2020, Barry has a net worth of $30.3 million.

2 Maggie Timoney – Heineken

Maggie Timoney became the first female CEO to lead a top-five U.S. beer company in 2018 and began her new position as boss for Heineken. As the CEO, she urged people to see her by the way she performs and not her gender.

Timoney has shattered the glass ceiling in an industry that is dominated by males, and wants people to stop calling her “the first female CEO” and wants to be viewed the same way as her male peers are viewed in her line of business. “I’ll be judged on my results,” Timoney shared when she became CEO, adding, “not whether I’m male or female… I was put in this job not because I am a woman. I was put in this job because Amsterdam believed in me.”

1 Ginni Rometty – IBM

Ginny Rometty was announced CEO of IBM, an American multinational technology and consulting company back in 2012, becoming the first female to lead the company in its 108-year history. She is known for securing a deal to purchase Pricewaterhouse Coopers for $3.5 billion back in 2002, making it the largest deal in the professional service industry at the time.

Rometty worked her way from starting as a system analyst and systems engineer for IBM to CEO in 2012. While she no longer holds the position, after stepping down this year, she is an important female figure in business, now serving as executive chairman of IBM.

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