#bumble | #tinder | #pof 3 Rebound Dating Behaviors That Might Mean Someone’s Not Serious About You

If the person you’re seeing is fresh off a breakup and has exhibited one or more of these rebound dating behaviors, Lee suggests you “plant a seed by asking whether what they are doing is beneficial to them in any way.”

But more than that, Lee says that if you’re in a relationship with someone on the rebound, you should ask yourself where the relationship is actually going. “It is often difficult to change the minds of people who aren’t open or looking for love. Your perseverance and patience may pay off,” Lee says. “Or, it may not.

Sometimes, rebound relationships can work out. But, more often than not, rebounds can be messy. In Lee’s experience as a relationships counselor, she says people who stick with their rebound relationship are constantly questioning whether they made the right choice. “And this is definitely not a good thing at all. I would suggest exploring an open relationship,” Lee explains. “If that is not an option for you, distance yourself gradually and look to move on.”

Matchmaker Susan Trombetti has a script for when confronted with this situation. Point blank, tell the other person, “Hey, if you get to this point and you’re ready to move on in a healthy way, and I’m still available, then feel free to call me.”

And that’s all you can do: Close that chapter of your dating life with grace and keep chugging along. You deserve to have someone who’s dating you for you, 100%.

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