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When you open Tinder, Match or Bumble, are you positive the faces you’re seeing aren’t convicted criminals?

Local 5 sat down with Tiffany Allison, who was in an abusive relationship with Scott Parks before he attacked another woman, ultimately serving six of the maximum 15 years in prison following an assault conviction.

Allison was recently notified that pictures of Parks were appearing on a dating app, and says Tinder told her that most dating apps don’t have a policy regarding someone’s criminal history.

But Parks say it’s not him behind the account.

“I’m telling you that I personally did not ask anyone to set up a dating profile for me, and I did not set a dating profile up for myself,” Parks said. “Absolutely not.”

Parks is not currently on probation.

Here’s a quick tip: Right-click on an image while on a computer and click “Search Google for image”. This is called a Reverse Image Search, and can help locate other websites where an image is used and possibly link back to social media or professional profiles.

If you’re using a computer to view an images or profile picture, simply right-click and select “Search Google for image” to perform a reverse image search

“I have never even looked … I don’t know how to run a dating app, I don’t know anything other than someone sent me a screenshot saying this is what they saw,” Parks said.

Scott Parks says he isn’t active on dating apps

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