#bumble | #tinder | #pof 9 brand social feeds we loved to follow in 2020

As crazy as 2020 was, it was also a year in which brands showed off their creativity. With consumers confined to their homes and smartphones, social media became an important force for brands to connect with consumers—about the pandemic, racial injustice and the 2020 election, among other issues and events.

We’ve compiled the best brand social feeds of 2020—the ones whose messages became extensions of their brands and a way to educate and entertain their growing followers.

Ben & Jerry’s for social justice reform

Vermont-based ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has been a leading voice for social justice causes, especially on its Twitter (458,000 followers) and Instagram (1.4 million followers) accounts. The brand wasn’t shy about giving its take on the election, called attention to trans rights and highlighted the importance of the climate crisis.

Ben & Jerry’s has also been outspoken on racial injustice, calling on followers to dismantle white supremacy and defund the police. It even used its channels to announce a limited-edition flavor, Justice Remix’d, which raised funds for criminal justice reform. Most recently, the brand announced a partnership with Colin Kaepernick to introduce a “Change the Whirled” flavor, with a portion of proceeds going to Kaepernick’s nonprofit, Know Your Rights Camp. For consumers who look to brands to take up a cause, Ben & Jerry’s is a shining example.

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