#bumble | #tinder | #pof A ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Reunion Is Coming This Week

Your favourite sex-deprived singletons are coming back for a Too Hot to Handle reunion on Netflix this weekend to pour all the horny tea on season 1.

Extra Hot: The Reunion will see all the cast-members beam in from around the globe for a virtual get-together, as they dish on all their relationship statuses and iso-related happenings post-filming.

“Reckon you can handle this?” Netflix tweeted, alongside some images of affair. “We can’t wait to see who’s still together.”

The reunion will be hosted by the show’s narrator Desiree Burch, and will also include a coupla games to keep things spicy and fresh.

I’m going to assume that all the couples are finito aside from Harry and Francesca, who, judging by their respective Instagrams being flooded with loved-up flicks as of late, seem to be doing doing just fine during isolation. (But seriously, though, is that lolly ring in the tweet above just a cute lil’ arvo snack or…)

Too Hot to Handle Extra Hot: The Reunion will grace us with is presence on Friday.

Twitter / Netflix

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