#bumble | #tinder | #pof BEST date ideas for 2021 as per your zodiac sign shared by astrology expert Tamanna C

With the onset of 2021, it is time to get back in the dating game and we have for you just the right ideas to have a cool and exciting date.

The stars of 2021 are looking optimistic as we navigate new rules of dating this year. With a tough year gone by, most of us are apprehensive and unsure of how to date. Bumble’s astrology expert, Tamanna C suggests some really cool date ideas as per your star signs to help you navigate dating in 2021. 


From spending quality time together through yoga sessions, reading or cycling dates to karaoke nights with some wine and dine sessions, here are some of the most exciting date ideas for each zodiac sign! Mix it up this 2021 as you select which one you love doing best because love will definitely find a way!





For Aries-born people, going on a long drive with your favourite playlist in the background is the ideal date setup.




Catch up with your date in a quiet setting, either at home or a relaxed yoga/ meditation session together, or even try out a cooking class! 




Plan a virtual tour of a museum or even a fun date with your partner discussing books if you have been reading. 




A virtual dance class with your partner, or perhaps a fun working out session together.




Long drives, candlelight dinners or home-cooked meals or cosy up to watch a movie at home together. 






Plan your dates around music with a romantic karaoke session at home or a night out. 




The perfect date for Librans includes exploring healthy food, cycling, running or doing yoga.  




Your dates should revolve around all things luxury: fine-dining, sailing or even travelling together. 




Quiet time at home catching up on favourite music or movies of your choices could be an ideal date for you in 2021.






Trekking or exploring water sports together in the new year, if you’re ready to venture out.




Learn a new language together or catch up on documentaries with your partner. 




2021 will be a great time for involving in charity or community service or collaborating for a common social cause with your partner on your dates.


With this plethora of best date ideas for each zodiac out there – take your pick, the best dates are waiting for you!


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