#bumble | #tinder | #pof Blind date: ‘He doesn’t like beer or wine!’


ROSIE S.: 24 / senior data analyst

Notable quality: Runs an anti-diet Instagram account to spread the message of radical self-acceptance

When she is happiest: At Disney World with her family



AJ I thought I’d give it a shot. I love meeting new people.

Rosie I heard about it from a guy on Bumble, actually. I figured whatever happened, it would make a good story.

AJ I put on some moisturizer and took a quick shower beforehand. I was definitely nervous. It’s been a while since my last blind date and I didn’t want to do anything wrong.

Rosie I cranked the AC. Dating in a summer heat wave is rough.

AJ I thought she looked very pretty. She had really nice eyes, really pretty hair, and a nice smile.

Rosie He definitely seemed a little nervous. Great hair and a kind smile.


AJ I started off by mentioning how my Vermont trip got canceled and she mentioned she went to school in Vermont, so we talked about how amazing Vermont is.

Rosie We chatted about my four years there and places we like in Burlington. We both love The Archives, an arcade bar. I still find their tokens in random purse pockets.

AJ We had a lot in common. We agree politically, we like the same movies, and we like most of the same music.

Rosie He teaches guitar lessons (we had different music tastes but there was some overlap) and he is passionate about film.

AJ I ordered a burger from a local bar and grill called Satuit Tavern. Would recommend it to everyone.

Rosie I ordered from Somerville Flatbread Co. I got one of the specials (a yummy hummus, eggplant, kalamata olive situation), a salad, and cocktails to go. Everyone should go there — 10 out of 10.

AJ I can’t recall a moment where the conversation died out. She could make a conversation out of anything.

Rosie He doesn’t like beer or wine! (What???) I explained that I think everyone likes wine, they just haven’t found the right one for them yet. He seemed skeptical but my track record of wine matchmaking is undeniable.

AJ It felt like a friendly get together with nonstop conversation, which I like.

Rosie I think I knew early on in the date that he was super nice but it wouldn’t be a romantic connection on my end. Unfortunately, from the beginning I didn’t get a “spark.”


AJ I was on a tight schedule because I found out I had to wake up early to help out a friend. So the date ended when I started to realize what time it was and had to get ready for bed. I think she had things to do too so we just ended the date.

Rosie We exchanged Instagram handles and said good night.


AJ Sure, if she wanted one.

Rosie He was a very nice guy but I think we don’t have enough in common. I wish him the best.


AJ / A-

Rosie / B+

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