#bumble | #tinder | #pof Bouchard goes on virtual date with Bob Menery

Nothing is normal in sports these days and quarantine has exacted a toll on the dating world as well. Eugenie Bouchard recently hosted a discussion on loneliness during social distancing and how virtual dates can help. 

The 2014 Wimbledon finalist partnered with Bumble Canada to talk about the new realities of distanced dating alongside Bianca Sparacino, Jasmyn Ellis and Nicole Hodges. The 26-year-old is not only talking about dating but she’s also dipping her feet in the water. She agreed to go on a virtual date with comedian Bob Menery from the Zapped Podcast after he donated a significant amount to her COVID-19 relief fund. 

“My mind is on Genie Bouchard. I’ve been talking about shooting my shot with her for a long time,” Menery said. “Now, I might have paid $4,000 to COVID-19 relief efforts to secure the date, but boys, anyway you can get it done, you get it done.”

Turns out the sports podcast comedian really knows how to get the job done. The 32-year-old came prepared and even had roses for the Canadian. 

MENERY: “I had to. These are for you, I know you can’t accept them right now because obviously through quarantine and what we’re dealing with but yeah.”

BOUCHARD: “That’s really nice, but you know to get it one step further, I think you could have had them sent to my house. 

MENERY: “Oh, you’re that kind of girl.”

Menery used the excuse of having to go through her agent to secure her address. The podcast host seemed to forget the reason that he landed the virtual date was due to his charity donation, but he carried himself with the utmost confidence and seemed to check most of Bouchard’s boxes. 

The two singles would talk about past relationships, DMs, how many kids they want (Bouchard wants four to five) and much more. Although Menery is one inch shorter than Bouchard’s height requirement (he’s 5’9″) their love for pina coladas made up for it. 

MENERY: “I promise you it will be the best first date you ever had. I’m not going to give you any of the details, but I promise you it will be the best date. You just have to trust me. So, with that being said, do I get a second date, live in person?”

BOUCHARD: “That’s like a lot…”

MENERY: “I’m just looking for a yes or no, Genie.”

BOUCHARD: “OK, yes.”

MENERY: “Boys, we did it! Boys we got it! I am extremely proud of myself.”

Menery can now bypass Bouchard’s agent and text her directly. Needless to say it was a very successful virtual date and Menery is already stewing up a plan to delete Bouchard’s Bumble account. 

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