#bumble | #tinder | #pof Bumble Dating Trends Of 2020: Mountains And Beaches, Pre-dates, New Dawn Daters And More

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Since people were stuck in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, dating trends have witnessed a drastic change in 2020. Bumble has revealed that over 540 million messages were sent on the dating app in India this year. The most discussed topic of the year was work from home on the platform. In terms of popular prompt that the daters preferred was “mountains or beaches” and other prompts included “Nightclub or Netflix”, “We’ll get on if”, “After work you can find me” and “Favourite quality in a person”.

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Bumble reported that it saw a spike of 38 percent in video and voice calls, also called “pre-dates” after March 2020. On average, these pre-dates lasted for 20 minutes in India. People preferred to call between 8-10 pm on Sunday evening. Bumble says that 46 percent of users on Bumble were “New Dawn Daters”, a term used to represent newly single after experiencing a break-up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bumble also revealed that adding a badge to your profile like prefer pets, workout habits and zodiac sign increases the chances of getting matches by 96 percent. Adding around 4-6 photos to the profile increases the average number of monthly matches by 30 percent.

Bumble says that “Bumble daters in India are increasingly open to virtual dating with one in five up for using Video Chat heading into the New Year.”

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