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Bumble took the dating world by storm when it introduced a new concept: putting the onus to initiate a conversation on the woman.

Last year, Bumble took its innovative dating feature to the corporate world with Bumble Bizz, which is a feature of the app designed to help people find professional mentors and network with them.

Bumble Bizz has all of Bumble’s bits and bobs like geo-targeting, which enables people to swipe through others around them, and photo verification, but it goes one career-shaped step forward by including a digital resume function, skill section and a place to show off examples of your work.

Michelle Battersby, APAC marketing director of Bumble told Yahoo Finance networking is important in business, but admits it can be challenging.

“Networking is incredibly important in business – for both women and men,” Battersby said.

“Whether face-to-face or in the digital space, it is about forging meaningful connections. What can be really challenging is when you are just starting out.”

“Bumble is an incredibly powerful platform for mentorship,” she said. “It’s rooted in giving those who might be starting out in their respective careers the avenue to find a mentor who can help guide them – without the uncomfortable face-to-face introduction.”

Here are her tips:

Have conviction and confidence

“I strongly believe effective networking comes down to feeling empowered to make the first move, which is ultimately born from confidence.” Battersby said.

“On Bumble and in the non-digital world, it’s about starting the conversation with conviction and believing in yourself.”

Network in a space you’re comfortable

“I’m a strong believer in operating in an environment that you are comfortable in,” Battersby told Yahoo Finance.

“When it comes to networking, set yourself up for success by seeking scenarios that make you feel in control.

“Identify an ideal time to socialise, do this in an environment that you feel at ease in and focus on connecting with like minded people who are going to bring out the best in you.”

Be true to yourself

“When it comes to starting a conversation on Bumble Bizz, my advice is to ask questions, be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to connect with new people.

“You never know where a new connection will go.”

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