#bumble | #tinder | #pof Bumble “When dating met 2020” by The Brooklyn Brothers

Dating app Bumble champions the efforts of daters amid the pandemic in a campaign fronted by Helena Bonham Carter.

The film begins with a young woman at Christmas dinner who is asked by her relatives why she doesn’t yet have a boyfriend. “Perhaps you’re just not trying hard enough,” her nan suggests. The woman then looks back at all the strange and funny experiences of dating over the past year amid the coronavirus pandemic: from video dates to awkward, socially-distanced walks and having to wee behind a tree in the park. Bonham Carter narrates the ad as an omniscient godmother of dating, acknowledging the challenges and providing the perspective of many single women. She concludes by saying: “The fact is you have been trying. And given the world is spinning on a whole new axis, anything can happen. So what are you waiting for?”

The work was written by Charlotte Adorjan and directed by Cloé Bailly through Caviar. 

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