#bumble | #tinder | #pof Celebrities That Have Confessed To Using A Dating App. See Here.


Celebrities…they’re just like us! Now a days it’s so common to meet someone you’re dating on a dating app, especially when Tinder was REALLY popular. So how can you expect celebrities to NOT use it. Well I guess it would be hard for them since a lot of people wouldn’t believe that it’s actually them.

That’s why Raya was created, it’s an app that celebrities have been known to use because you have to confirm so much stuff that it’s actually you AND to use Raya users must be referred by an existing member, and then their application is voted on by a membership committee.

But it seems some celebrities have jumped on Bumble, Tinder and more! Here are just a few celebrities that have confused to using dating apps.

Yup! Zac Efron! He said that he used Tinder but sadly no one swiped right on him.

“Amazingly, when I signed up for Tinder, nobody swiped me. They thought [my profile] was fake.”

Next Channing Tatum

Apparently after Channing got divorced and before he dated Jessie J. he was on Raya for some time.

Also Demi Lovato

In her documentary Simply Complicated Demi said that after she broke up with Wilmer she joined Raya. Then she got into a new relationship and deleted the app, after that relationship didn’t work out she tried to get back on but couldn’t. That’s when she decided a dating app wasn’t for her.

Lizzo said that she tried Raya but only so that she can connect with one particular celeb and that was John Mayer!

“I’ve done Raya. I tried to match with John Mayer— it didn’t work,”

And yes John Mayer was also on Raya.

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