#bumble | #tinder | #pof Common Shares Thoughts on His Virtual Bumble Date with Tiffany Haddish and Whether or Not They’ll Go on a Real Date

Actress/comedian Tiffany Haddish and rapper/actor Common have been rumored to be romantically involved since she allegedly brought him as a date to her Bat Mitzvah in December 2019. Now Common is adding fuel to the fire — while still confirming nothing, and spilling the details of their cute Bumble “Virtual Date.”

Although Haddish has only referred to him as a “friend” so far, the two have appeared to be spending a lot of time together, with some outlets reporting that they even spent time sheltering in place together. Common and Haddish capitalized on the attention their possible relationship is currently receiving by partnering with Bumble to promote their “Virtual Date” feature, through hosting their own fun virtual date night.

“The Light” rapper shared with “The Root” why he signed on to the campaign.“I felt like if [Tiffany and I] brought our authentic selves to the date, then maybe we could bring some joy and happiness to others. But there’s some suffering going on. I’m really praying for the world to be better…I recognized that this can help heal people and inspire people, and get them to smile and bring some love to their hearts and spirit. I saw a lot of just positive energy around doing [the campaign].”

The two had a sweet evening, including watching some “Queen Sono,” ordering food delivery, and finishing the night out with a dance. Common was a perfect gentleman throughout, even going so far as to have flowers delivered during the date.

Common, Harry Belafonte, and Tiffany Haddish/Photo Credit: @TiffanyHaddish/Instagram

“[Tiffany] has a beautiful heart, and [I could] feel that even through Bumble,” Common said of his virtual evening with “The Last O.G.” star. “She was all into anime films, and she was also talking about supporting community businesses and black businesses…I got that fun, but I also got an intimacy and a quietness out of the virtual date that I liked.”

He also told the website that he plans on taking her out for a real, in-person date when life gets back to normal. We can’t wait until these two stop playing with our emotions and make something official to the public.

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