#bumble | #tinder | #pof Coronavirus lockdown: Bumble dating app sees usage spike, prepares to spread awareness – tech

With several dating apps and services taking steps to make users aware about the coronavirus outbreak and encouraging them to stay at home, it is only natural for the dating service Bumble to take similar steps. The company has outlined its efforts to spread the awareness and has also talked about the surge it has seen in countries during the initial lockdown phase.

In a statement to the HT tech, Bumble spokesperson confirmed that there is an increase in usage and that it may multiply in the coming days. “Overall, the data indicates a trend of increased use of Bumble by our new and existing users, especially as it pertains to our chat, Video Call and Voice Call features. As we are now just entering the initial phase of quarantine/lockdown, we’re expecting these and other user behavior trends to evolve as more and more people are looking for ways to combat isolation and loneliness and engage in 1:1 virtual connection.”

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And to make more users aware about the coronavirus outbreak, Bumble says it is ready to “handle any inbound questions or concerns” from users about the outbreak. The dating service will also direct them to authentic resources of information including the CDC and the WHO websites.

“We know our users are educating themselves on how to stay healthy during this time, so rather than inundate them with more content on COVID-19, we defer to the best practices shared by the CDC and we will continue to give them a place to enjoy the journey of connecting and getting to know new people online — an experience that can take place without ever meeting offline,” added the spokesperson.

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The spokesperson adds that during the lockdown phase, those swiping to get matches in the app can stay in touch using text chats, voice calls and even video calls. As per the firm these “allow for an even deeper connection without having to meet in public, or share your phone number or email.”

While Bumble’s efforts are commendable, the service is yet to take a major decision when it comes to accessing premium features. Rival service Tinder recently made its Passport feature free for all the users. We expect Bumble to take similar steps in the future to encourage people to stay at home.

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