#bumble | #tinder | #pof Dola Is “Running in Place” as Mystery Dies


We’ve all caught ourselves doing it, swiping on dating apps in quarantine even though we’re not legally allowed to meet our possible suiters. To solve this dilemma, I take to stalking. By the time he responds to my cliché Bumble pick-up line, I’ve probably already seen his embarrassing middle school YouTube videos, I know his high school fight song, the frat he got kicked out of, his political beliefs and how his last three relationships ended. I’ve already fallen in and out of love with him before we’ve ever spoken. We all do it right? Okay, maybe it’s just me.

But it’s true, our face is now slapped on every corner of the internet. It’s like clickbait for your crush (I can’t even imagine what people find when they stalk me). In Dola’s music video for her new song, “Running in Place,” she calls for a resurrection of mystery. Dating apps have stripped us of the excitement of meeting someone and not knowing who they are. We no longer have to navigate each layer of a relationship, unfolding a soul as you get to know your person. It seems as if there is no such thing as being free of judgment because there’s always a preconceived notion from the photo of them fishing on their dating profile.

“Running in Place”

The music video begins in the same place as her other videos from the EP, Space Daughter: Dola’s in a white room donning a white dress. From there, she dives into a dark shade of her life as the video is overwhelmed with Tim Burton-esque visuals depicting a Victorian-era feel with dancers in corsets. The characters dance with their phones, creating a juxtaposition that pins timeless class against modern anxiety. The video cuts to Dola paying her respects at a funeral. Everyone else in attendance is staring down at their phones, emotionally unavailable. Dola’s character then lays down flowers next to the tombstone marked, “Mystery.” Although it’s a bit on-the-nose, it gets the point across with a dark but artful tone which I love.

From Dola’s new EP Space Daughter

“Running in Place” is Dola’s third release from Space Daughter, which she considers a “playful ode to the divine feminine.” This song paired with “Blue” and “Give Up the Gold” broadcasts her versatility in music and creativity.

To make the song even better,  Dola plans to donate all personal proceeds of “Running in Place” (June-August) to VH1’s Save the Music Foundation which aids music education during the pandemic.

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