#bumble | #tinder | #pof Drew Barrymore and Sharon Stone Talk Dating Apps

It’s hard out there for an actress turned girlboss turned talk-show host looking for love in between hard-hitting interviews. Just ask Drew Barrymore, who opened up about her experiences on dating apps last night on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. When asked by a teacher in the virtual audience about whether she saw any other celebrities on dating apps, Barrymore said “a lot,” and while she couldn’t name names, she said swiping through Raya “was like looking through an Us Weekly.” Barrymore thought the app would fulfill her lifelong dream of going on a blind date (shoot for the stars, girl), but she said she “did terribly,” it was a “car wreck,” and she “got stood up by a guy who owned a restaurant.” Please let that be the inspo for her and Adam Sandler to team up for a rom-com again.

Barrymore isn’t the only beautiful, charming, celebrated actress having a hard time on dating apps, making the rest of us feel even more hopeless in comparison. On The Late Late Show With James Corden, Sharon Stone also spoke about her disappointments with the apps. First, she deflected the question, going on instead with a prewritten bit in which she negged her own quarantine haircut (which looks cool, by the way!), but Corden persisted in asking about her dating woes, which had previously included being kicked off Bumble because she was assumed to be a Sharon Stone imposter. “I honestly, if I’m being really true, I can’t imagine finding someone to fall in love with on a dating app, because it’s a chemistry,” she said. “You have chemistry with your wife, right?” Cut to Corden nodding. “That’s the thing. You can have great conversations on a dating app, but can you have chemistry?” If you’re wondering why Stone didn’t give up Bumble for the more exclusive (and restaurateur-filled) Raya, she spoke about the latter in Town & Country this month, saying, “People kept pretending they were things they weren’t on Raya. Like straight.”

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