#bumble | #tinder | #pof Eugenie Bouchard Reveals Her Plan to Find A Boyfriend

There are very few people in the world who wouldn’t want to match with Eugenie Bouchard on a dating platform. It’s rare to ever find a celebrity on a dating website.

Even when you do, you wouldn’t find them ready to have a chat with a commoner. Now think of someone like the Canadian sensation Bouchard. She is certainly one of the more attractive ones out of mortals.

Your dream might just come true and Genie is now on Bumble. If you have the right profile and a good pickup line, then this quarantine might just land you a date with one of the most beautiful tennis players. Let’s find out more about this.

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Why is Eugenie Bouchard on Bumble? 

The reason why Eugenie Bouchard has come on the platform is purely promotional. Acting as an ambassador for the app, she urged people to download it while putting up a screenshot of her profile.

She said that she is matching with people in Canada. Her profile on Bumble says – “I make bomb mini quesadillas.” Bouchard also shared a conversation with one of her early matches.

The tennis phenom messaged: “So…do you like quesadillas?”

The mystery match replied: “Has anyone actually ever said no to this?”

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Even if it’s just a promotional stunt, who wouldn’t love to have a free wheeling conversation with Eugenie Bouchard. However, she wouldn’t just right swipe you if you want her to. You should definitely have a profile attractive enough for her to consider.

Bumble couldn’t have hoped for a better sponsor to market them. Bouchard is incredibly popular among young people who are their core market. The quarantine season is definitely one where online relationships are becoming the norm. Eugenie Bouchard was herself looking for a boyfriend on Twitter a few days back. There’s certainly no harm for Canadian fans to try out their luck in these times.

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