#bumble | #tinder | #pof Everything You Need To Know About The Biggest Dating Trends Of 2020


“Man then threatens my career, saying I better remember that I rejected him. And then shouts at me that I’m low class…”


We’ve all heard of ghosting but have you ever been Elsa’d?

In homage to Disney flick Frozen, the dating term refers to those who begin to slowly phase us out. First, they grow colder and more abrupt over text with their answers gradually becoming snappier.

Eventually, they will stop relying to our messages or answering our calls¬†altogether – and that is when you know you’ve been Elsa’d.


Playing on the famous “We were on a break!” line from Friends, Rossing is a term used to describe the moment when a person justifies sleeping with someone else due to a lack of exclusivity in the relationship.

You may have only just started dating and not yet had ‘the talk’ or you could have been taking a brief break in your relationship.

Either way, we advise learning from Ross’ mistakes.


When Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant made their relationship red carpet official in November 2019, the social media circuit went into a frenzy with a number of people comparing Grant to Helen Mirren – not-so-subtly suggesting that they didn’t look well-suited.

Unfortunately, one of the most sexist debates of the year has already inspired a dating trend.

Now, Keanu-ing refers to two people that you would never have imagined together.


A term first coined in October 2019, Dogfishing has only grown in momentum over the last few months.

One keen online daters are sure to be familiar with – ahem, guilty – it refers to those who use their pets, or borrow pets, in order to pull potential suitors.

Hands up, how many of you have agreed to a date in the very hope of walking their pooch?


A problem which sparks before you even have chance to be ghosted, Dial-Toning is where you are given somebody’s number but when you reach out, they don’t bother replying.



One we’re sadly all too familiar with, sometimes it’s simply too tricky to keep a conversation afloat.

With a surge in online dating and less of the When Harry Met Sally bookshop charm, most of our first encounters take place online.

Flatlining refers to when a chat fizzles out either over text or via a dating app.

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