#bumble | #tinder | #pof Exclusive members-only Muslim dating app doesn’t allow you to swipe


Brace yourself, Muslim dating apps are on the rise: There’s Muzprosal, Muzmatch, Minder and more to rival the shenanigans of their secular counterparts.

But a brand new matchmaking service called NIM, which is exclusive to vetted members, is hoping to be a hit.

Unlike a regular app that lets any Tom, Dick or Harry sign up, you have to apply to be accepted onto NIM.

And they’ve even taken out the paradox of choice evident in their competitors because there’s no swiping option.

How do I let Ahmed know I’m interested then, we hear you ask.

Don’t worry, once your application is approved, the app will use real relationship experts and algorithms to find you the perfect match.

If you need a second opinion, you can add your circle of friends and family to view and suggest matches within the app.

A Sharia-compliant feature is also included as an option of adding a chaperone to your profile to monitor conversations.

So anyone hoping to send any explicit pictures, just know the whole family is watching and judging.

If you’re not much of a texter, you can also voice note or video-call matches.

It is being dubbed as the first members-only halal matchmaking service.

And like Muzproposal and Bumble before that, it allows women to initiate the conversation once a match has been acquired.

NIM will have two different types of users. Single users (members) and non-single users who can join the community.

It might sound like the family Whatsapp all bickering to get the one singleton married off but ultimately, the single user has the final say.

They’ll have full access to everything in the app and will have the option to invite others to their circle.

Their circle will be able to see the ‘profiles of the day’ and suggest and share thoughts all in one group chat.

Only a handful of matches will be selected every 24-48 hours for the single-member. The singleton will have a 24-48 hour expiration to make a move.

Within the chat, the circle can suggest profiles but can’t send chat invitations.

The app was created by tech entrepreneur Snaullah Niazi to help the Muslim community deal with dating challenges.

So if you’ve got your head wrapped around all that and don’t mind your family snooping around your love life, download the app.

NIM launches on 20 December and is available in the US, UK, Canada, France, Turkey, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar on the App and Google Store.

Best of luck.

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