#bumble | #tinder | #pof Guy Books Mystery Holiday With Bumble Match He’s Never Met

There is always an element of the unknown with any form of app-based dating.

Ordinarily, people get to know each other a bit via calls and texts before arranging a date if there appears to be chemistry.

But one guy decided to waste no time getting to know a match on Bumble, instead booking a holiday to an unknown destination for the pair within a day of them first making contact with each other.

Ben Windle, from Epsom, UK, matched with Emily, who asked him when they were going for a date, to which he replied: “I’m driving past Gatwick tonight, get ready x.”

Ben’s jokey comment quickly spiralled. Credit: LADbible

However, the jokey comment quickly spiralled, and after Mr Windle confirmed that he was the kind of guy to book a holiday with a random, Emily replied: “Let’s do it.”

The 22-year-old masters student duly obliged, booking two £99 Wowcher tickets, which means they will be entered into a prize draw on Wednesday and could be going on holiday together to destinations as far and wide as New York and Bali.

Talk about an escalation right there.

However, after Mr Windle sent over confirmation of the booking, Emily ghosted him for a day – and it’s safe to say he was bricking it.

Speaking to LADbible, he said: “She didn’t respond for 24 hours after I booked it and I panicked a bit and started asking friends if they wanted to go with me instead.

“My mum doesn’t know yet, not sure how she’s going to respond. Hoping most of my friends think it’s funny, but some probably think I’m a bit weird as well.”

Credit: LADbible

The potential couple have now at least had a video chat with each other, but Mr Windle said all he is hoping for from the holiday is ‘a good story’.

Well, I’d say you’ve probably already nailed that one, mate.

Louise Troen, vice president of international marketing and communications at Bumble, praised the pair, but reiterated that the company’s number one priority is the safety of its users.

She said: “We’re thrilled about Ben and Emily’s story and are always encouraging our users to think outside the box when going on dates.

“In this vein; we also always encourage safety in all situations to ensure women feel safe when exploring these experiences. We have our very own community guidelines and advice on how to be safe when meeting up in real life.”

Keep your eyes peeled folks to find out whether this good story gets even better still.

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