#bumble | #tinder | #pof Has virtual dating allowed India to create stronger connections? Bumble survey findings show a shift towards ‘slow dating’

The rules have changed in this new world. Before the pandemic drastically affected people’s lives, they approached connections from a culture of immediacy. The availability of many choices also strengthened this perspective. But now in the COVID-19 world, where social distancing is a way of life, people are approaching connections from a whole new point of view. For instance, nearly 70% of the Bumble community in India cites an attitude shift towards dating now, as found in a
research study.

With this slowness that has descended on the planet, the community has found something, which may have been missing from the milieu: Courtship.

Bumble India’s PR Director, Samarpita Samaddar, shares, “The pandemic has changed the perception around online dating. We have seen our Bumble community navigate these challenging times by continuing to seek more thoughtful conversations and meaningful connections. Our survey shows almost 70% of our Bumble community in India claims there is a change in their behaviour and attitude towards dating as compared to before the pandemic. 81% claim they are more open to taking their time getting to know someone. 78% of single Indians feel the need to trust their match before meeting them IRL—so, people are talking for a longer period, and having better quality chats, using Voice Calls and Video chat features in the app. People are spending roughly 20 mins on average on a video chat or voice call on Bumble in India!”

With the rise in virtual dating in these challenging times, thoughtful and real conversations are back in vogue. These are things that precede that perfect, dreamy date, and so what if going virtual is the present-day scenario! The community wants to take more time today, and have more in-depth conversations. Long gone are the times when chats were just about aspects like favourite sitcoms and shows. Now at least one in two chats on
Bumble has turned into something more meaningful.

Another thing about choices is that they propel people’s want for novelty and excitement. Earlier, people would probably not put in too much effort to know someone on a deeper level. But in the current circumstances, people are getting a lot more creative with their dates. This creativity has also re-defined intimacy. For instance, clearing the dishes on video chat while their hair is all oiled up is one of the new marks of acceptance. While people are not able to meet each other, virtual dating has set in a new kind of intimacy, which has helped people see each other in a way that they would not have been able to, on a fancy date.

This pandemic has brought up a volley of feelings within people, due to which, they might not be ready to tow the relationship territory. However, on the social networking app,
Bumble, people can also discover healthy friendships on Bumble BFF, and Bumble Biz for professional networking. Connections here go beyond romance. They are about camaraderie, company, and bonhomie, too.

Connections are best experienced with some fun discoveries. Social networking apps like Bumble offer the Questions Game on the Date Mode, replete with exciting ice-breakers. These healthy and empowered chats foster possibilities of significant and purposeful connections.

The dating narrative has undergone a tremendous change. Women are taking agency in determining the course of their dates and friendships. And Bumble’s women-first narrative is audaciously progressive and feminist in a world where most men shy away or agonise about making the first move. With women welding the control of their story, it is a social networking app that goes beyond narrowing down the right kind of matches only.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of Bumble by Times Internet’s Spotlight team.

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