#bumble | #tinder | #pof How To Overcome Dating Anxiety Before Meeting Your Match In Person Post-Quarantine


Will the dating world ever go back to normal?

Let’s cut to the chase: dating can either lead to an amazing love story or it can be an absolute nightmare. Whether that’s because he wasn’t the hunk in his profile picture or he asked you to pay because he forgot his wallet, there are millions of reasons why dating absolutely sucks, and because of this, dating anxiety is so real.

Dating apps have completely revolutionized the concept of dating and casually hooking up with strangers in your area. However, it has also made dating a “there is always someone better for me” game. 

We are constantly surfing through social apps on our phones and are exposed to the lives of random people and celebrities showing off their most prized possessions.

It could be a new home that was purchased in the hills, or a new boy toy to lust over, but we are always going to compare ourselves and our lives where we don’t compete. 

Take all of those factors into this complicated equation, and add in a global pandemic, and you will be left with an absolute wreck.

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