#bumble | #tinder | #pof How To Update Your Profile For 2021 Dating On Bumble

1 March 2021, 00:00

How to update your profile for 2021 dating on Bumble.


Here’s how to get potential baes doing a double take on your Bumble profile…

A huge shift in the virtual dating world means we’re polishing our profiles like they’re a dazzling trophy we want possible suitors to stop and look closer at.

With self-explanatory badges and functions like audio notes, dating apps have heaps of features that are handier than ever in making your profile stand out and getting potential daters to swipe right on your selfies.

There’s also a ton of tricks for when it comes to refreshing the content you want to subtly show off.

Here’s how to update your profile for 2021 dating…

It’s easier than ever to virtually date in 2021.


Voice notes will help break the ice

It’s easy to pick your most glamorous photos to showcase your best self, but chatting over voice notes will give a more realistic glimpse into the person you are.

A lot of people hate the sound of their own voice, but there’s a reason it’s proved to be a big hit in the online dating world.

Dating over apps in 2021 is easier than ever.


Video dating is the new norm

With video chat features, there’s no need to give out your number to dates you’re not so keen on yet.

Keep that convo flowing over the app chat – your virtual dating experience really can be as simple as that.

Make use of the badges feature

Pinning badges on your profile will not only free up space in your bio, you can also show off attributes ideal for conversation starters like whether you’re into fitness or what your star sign is.

Adding the Virtual Dating badge to your profile shows other daters you’re happy for a video chat and down for virtual dating, making you seem more approachable.

You can also filter users based on whether they have the badge or not, to seek out fellow sociable singletons.

Show off your real self in your highlights reel.


Your first photo should be the best photo

When we say the best photo, we mean thumb-stopping, swipe-right worthy snaps.

Showing off your smile and your eyes will show potential matches exactly what they’re swiping right on – save the ‘I’m so sociable with all these friends’ photos for later in the carousel.

Your first photo on your dating profile should be your best photo.


It’s all about the real highlight reel

Keeping your highlight reel real will show daters the most authentic version of yourself without you having to brag about it over chat.

It’s also important to add in newer photos, so forget about those 2019 holiday memories, users want to see what you’ve been up to these past few months.

If you spend every weekend mastering showstopper cake towers, include your creations. If your cat is the centre of your world, let’s see it!

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