#bumble | #tinder | #pof How your star sign affects your dating style

Your dating life might be more than just chance (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Humans have been analysing the stars, or rather celestial bodies – and how these affect our behaviour – for thousands of years, starting with the Babylonians’ 12 signs of the zodiac.

Whether astrology believers or not, most people can relate to at least some aspect of their star sign and how it is linked to their personality.

There are also theories that they influence our love lives, and that some star signs are better suited for each other than others.

To give us more insight, specifically on how these celestial bodies affect our dating style, we talk to astrology expert Amelia Quint, who just so happens to work with the dating app, Bumble.

Before we go on, she shares a word of warning.

While the stars can be interpreted, they are not an all-out guide to your love life.

So don’t dump your partner because they happened to be born in the wrong month or because mercury retrograde is messing up your decision-making skills.

‘If your star sign doesn’t pair with your match, don’t run away from your date just yet,’ she says.

‘Pairings as a guide based on your own experiences, they are not set in stone, but keep an open mind and judge based on their own experiences.

‘Daters can look for someone who actually has the sign, or it can be someone who embodies those traits.’

Let’s take a look at each individual star sign.


It’s very likely an Aries will find love while out for a socially-distanced walk or at the gym (though they might struggle with the latter at the moment).

But opposites often attract for this star sign so don’t feel you have to be a gym bunny to match well.

Amelia says: ‘They are very active. It’s the sign associated with exercise, moving your body or physical movement.

‘They are also known for making the first move and being confident.’


Don’t be surprised if your Taurus date insists on sticking to virtual dating until lockdown is over.

But make an effort when you do have dates – whether online or offline – or risk losing their interest.

Amelia says: ‘They are not the most daring so wouldn’t go to a restaurant quite yet.

‘It’s the sign of luxury. They need something that involves getting the all the five senses activated.’

Taurus are also super loyal and sensual. Passion is key.


Dating a Gemini? Prepare yourself for them to hog the conversation during dates.

Amelia says: ‘They are known for being culture vultures who love to talk.

‘They know about the latest events, trends or intellectual topics to talk about although there has to be witty banter involved.

‘There has to be an aspect of the mind involved or else they get really bored and move on quite quickly.’

Adventurous or intellectually stimulating dates are ideal – think a visit to the museum, zoo or the like.

Take care if you’re dating an Aquarius – they’re known to be flakey (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)


Known for their tough exteriors, Cancers can come off a bit defensive but they are big softies inside.

Once in a relationship, they give their all to it. Long-term is the name of the game.

Amelia says: ‘They are very classic, generous and sentimental.

‘They are often very good cooks so enjoy making meals for dates or doing something that involves homemade cooking and hosting.

‘Also the most likely to keep it close to home and buy into the “dating from a distance” routine right now.’


If you like to keep your private life private, dating a Leo might come as a shock.

They are sweet and attentive, but also like to showcase their love to others – with a social media reel of highlights from every date.

Amelia says: ‘The most glamorous and open-hearted star sign who likes to try anything.

‘They are very into the traditional side of romance, generous and young at heart.

‘They like to give gifts but expect the same attention in return. They are open to trying any sort of activity for a good Instagram story.’


If you’re dating a Virgo, it might take a little while to break through their shell and they have a busy schedule.

Virgos also tend to like taking things slower, often because they are shy – but are known for their kindness and spontaneous bursts of love once committed.

Amelia says: ‘They have a reputation for being sort of buttoned-up and a bit nerdy.

‘They’re health-conscious, very smart and they often work a little too hard.’


Like Aries, Libra is gutsy and will be the one to initiate a romance – whether that’s saying ‘hi’ on a dating app first or hitting on someone in a café (at a safe distance, of course).

And they have very big hearts too, but sometimes scare people off with their intense love.

Amelia says: ‘The most romantic and social sign of them all. It is the sign of partnership.

‘However, they are very, very idealistic and want the experience of dating to feel like a movie e.g. credits rolling and beautiful music playing.’


The ideal date for a Scorpio is spending hours chatting over coffee in their favourite spot or stargazing at an observatory.

Essentially, the more romantic, the better.

But they tend to jump headfirst into any connection, which doesn’t always end well.

Amelia says: ‘Known for having a spooky reputation and are a bit lusty or sensual.

‘They always aspire to have instant love connection, and are very intense.’


Keep a glass of water to hand, a date with a Sagittarius means talking about yourself – a lot.

They are naturally curious and friendly, and want to know everything about the other person.

On the flipside, they can sometimes be a bit too eager when it comes to messaging and texting.

Amelia says: ‘Totally adventurous and love to explore. They are creative, love to travel and are interested in other cultures.

‘They like to be challenged and expand their local neighbourhood but they can also expand within the mind’


No Netflix and Chill here.

A Capricorn will call you out on shady behaviour and prefers traditional dating, with flowers, dancing, dinner – the whole shebang.

Amelia says: ‘The hardest to impress and like to be taken seriously, especially when it comes to dating.

‘They like to plan dates well in advance, they do like to have a good time but they’re not fuddy-duddy.’


Dating an Aquarius is less about you, more about them (hello, f***boys).

But they are oh-so-charming, with a playful and rebellious nature.

Amelia says: ‘It is the sign of socialising and networking, they feel at home in large groups with lots of people around them.

‘They love being at the centre of attention or being in the spotlight.’


A Pisces is almost always on the look-out for true love. They despise dating trends and strive for a deeper connection wherever possible.

It can be a tad exhausting if you’re not a big talker.

Amelia says: ‘The sign of romance. They are very emotional, intuitive and like art like music, poetry.’

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