#bumble | #tinder | #pof Inspired from character ‘Kabir Singh’ Man Dates and Cheats Women

The accused was identified as Anand Kumar, who worked as a team with Priyam Yadav. Another doctor had filed a complaint after being conned by Kumar.

In Tinder he had identified himself as Dr. Rohit Gujral. He promises to marry women and then makes them transfer Rs.30,000 into his bank account. He also blackmails them into giving money by threatening to leak their private pictures and videos.

“He used the pictures of one of these men to create fake profile on various dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and matrimonial sites like Jeevan Saathi, by the name of Dr. Rohit Gujral, claiming to be an orthopaedic surgeon,” said Anyesh Roy, Deputy Commissioner of Police.

While interrogating, the accused has told the police that the idea of identifying himself as a doctor came after he watched the movie, Kabir Singh.

In the pretext of having a sick mother, he would avoid video calls with the women and within a few days, he would promise to marry them.

“Kumar had been doing this for four months and conned many women. A few of them thought that he was in a ‘difficult situation’ but would marry them eventually. One woman even applied for a loan of Rs.5 lakhs for Kumar,” Roy added.

The police traced Kumar’s IP address and arrested him. The police also said that he used Priyam Yadav, his associate’s bank details for taking money. Yadav has also been arrested.

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