#bumble | #tinder | #pof Is Tiffany Haddish trying to protect boyfriend Common amid alleged sexual assault claims by Jaguar Wright?


Actress Tiffany Haddish officially announced her relationship with rapper Common, amid the alleged sexual assault claims by vocalist Jaguar Wright. Previously, there were rumors that the 40-year-old actress and is dating the 48-year-old Chicago MC, as per Urban Islandz. In a recent episode of the podcast ‘Steve-O’s Wild Ride!’, Haddish, who now sports a bald look like that of Common, admitted their relationship and opened up about it.

According to Urban Islandz, Haddish said, “Yeah, I’m doing it with Common now.” She shared that the duo met on the sets of their 2019 film ‘The Kitchen’. She stated, “I guess he was kinda like my love interest. I made out with him in the movie and we became friends but it wasn’t sexual or anything like that because my eyes were set on something else. Then I went into this whole period where I was like ‘Yeah, I want to start dating,’ so I got on Bumble in May last year.”

Common also joined dating app Bumble on her insistence and the duo collaborated for an initiative to raise money for healthcare workers and restaurants during the pandemic crisis this year. According to the report, they were still ‘friends’ at that stage. The relationship took a romantic turn soon, as Haddish says in the report, “He got tested for everything, I got tested for everything, and yeah, we been f**kin’,” added Haddish. She further said, “This is my first time ever dating a celebrity. I f**ked one, but this is my first time like being in a relationship with one. This is hands down the best relationship I’ve ever been in, knock on wood. I’ve lost 20 lbs since I’ve been in this relationship, I feel more confident.”

These love declarations came right after Wright alleged of being sexually assaulted by Common. During an Instagram Live, a clip of which is posted by a user on Twitter, she alleged that she was assaulted while she was sleeping. The exact time and place of the allegations were not spoken about. According to the report, she can be heard stating that they went to bed, and she told him that she’s tired because of performing all night. She explains that as a previous victim of sexual assault, she made it a point to keep her clothes on so as to protect herself from any further sexual attempts. The report said that she fell asleep but was suddenly awakened by something being pushed into her mouth. “This n**a tryin’ to stick his d**k in my mouth while I’m asleep. Lonnie f**kin’ Lynn. Rashid. Common. Whatever the f**k you wanna call yourself. That’s why I stopped f**kin’ with him. Because n**a, if you gon’ try to stick your d**k in my mouth while I’m asleep, there ain’t nothin’ you won’t do,” she chided.


According to the report, Wright further alleged that Common’s prior relationship history includes dating Serena Williams. “He ain’t been right since Lauryn Hill left him anyway,” the report quotes her saying. She even claimed that after she rejected the rapper, he was allegedly with singer Erykah Badu, saying that she was jealous of her. “That song ‘Booty’ on that second album, she made that about me,” she quipped.

According to the report, Common recently split from political activist and attorney Angela Rye before getting into a relationship with Haddish. He has not yet addressed the sexual assault allegations.

Meanwhile, Twitter was confused about the whole situation. While some wanted to wait for evidence to come up, there were supporters of Wright and there were those who dismissed her claims as well. One requested: “None of it matters. Consent can be withdrawn at any time regardless of prior engagement. And wait… you have to know her for her to have been assaulted? Let’s not do this plse”


Others went on to question Wright. One said, “This video drops soon as Common and Tiffany Haddish confirm that they’re in a relationship. The issue doesn’t involve anything vaginal. Just allegedly nonconsent of Common putting his j**t in her mouth. Let’s see how far this story goes and if Common will be canceled…”


One declared, “I don’t believe men or women. I believe in facts and evidence. We will see where this goes from here.”


One user sympathized with Wright and wrote, “Unfortunately, I believe her. Men w/ sons, please just raise them right, & more importantly control yourselves. it’s disappointing anytime stuff like this pops up, but this one is just like “damn…” I hope y’all day is going fine.”


Another commented, “I’ll have to see how it play out. All too many times we see videos like this and the story end of different than what is originally said.”


Another concurred, “Wtffff ….. i dont wanna believe either sides yet because people do make up s**t. But thats real upsetting.”



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