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In an interview with & # 39; Good Morning America & # 39 ;, the actress of & # 39; Black-ish & # 39; talks about how she was tricked by a & # 39; charming & # 39; gym manager to invest in a business that did not exist.

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Jenifer Lewis I learned about the romance scam the hard way. The actress known for her role as Ruby Johnson in “Blackish“She has been the victim of a $ 50,000 scam by a charming man who convinced her to invest in a business that did not exist, and shared her story to prevent other women from falling into the same trap.

During an appearance in “Good morning america“The 63-year-old woman described California gym manager Antonio Mariot Wilson, whom she dated for three months, as” charming “and” handsome. “She added,” she said she had graduated from Oxford University. He said he had been in the Navy Seals, I think, my God, God sent the man. ”

Admitting that she “wasn’t thinking if it’s too good to be true,” mom Odie’s “The princess and the frog“The actress accepted that their relationship was a romantic scam.” He was investing in a dream, “he said. Asked how he felt after learning of Wilson’s deception, he confessed:” It was very painful. ”

On the motivation behind his public disclosure about the experience, the “Baggage claim“The actress emphasized:” I am speaking because I care. “She added:” How can this happen to me? Educated, traveled the world, successful in show business, and was scammed for $ 50,000. I was ashamed, I was humiliated. But I defended other women. ”


Days earlier, on Friday, May 8, Wilson pleaded guilty to a federal wire fraud charge. In a plea agreement filed in federal court in Los Angeles, the California gym manager admitted to tricking Lewis and three other women into giving him nearly $ 400,000 as an investment in his sound design and business company. nonexistent software.

On Monday, May 11, Lewis celebrated Wilson’s guilty plea by tweeting, “It took 5 years, but we FINALLY did it! We caught the man who scammed me with $ 50,000. Sometimes justice prevails.” When a fan pointed out, “You find yourself immune to being ripped off,” he replied saying, “I’m a human baby. That’s the whole message. If it can actually happen to MEEEEEE, well, you know the rest.”

Jenifer Lewis celebrated Antonio Mariot Wilson’s guilty plea

Lewis first met Wilson at the gym where he worked, unlike his three other victims who met him on Bumble and other online dating apps. He later sued the gym for failing to inspect Wilson before hiring him, but has since struck a $ 13,000 settlement.

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