#bumble | #tinder | #pof LeftLion – City Stylin’ #20


I work in admin nine ‘til five on weekdays, and I’m an illustrator in my spare time. I have a published children’s book in France. It’s called C’est Dégoûtant, which means ‘That’s Disgusting.’ It tends to have a dark sense of humour, my work. I prefer stories with a bit of an edge to the illustrations. My favourite type of art is where the image may look like one thing, but then you realise “oh wait, there’s a bear in that boat.”

I moved here about a year ago with no job, no nothing. Nottingham feels buzzy as a city, it feels really lovely. I feel like I’ve settled into my creative niche and found some like-minded people, and it’s all now starting to make sense, so that’s good. I actually used a friend version of the dating app Bumble, called Bumble BFF. People stereotype it like it’s dating – “Isn’t it weird when you meet up with them, don’t you feel like you’re going on a first date?” It is a bit weird, yeah, but you’re both in it for the same thing, aren’t you?

I also love how close I am to the Peak District now. You can get there in an hour and have a lovely walk. It’s very nostalgic for me – my mum and dad used to take me on walks all the time, so I know it quite well. It’s like a home, I guess, because my mum and dad don’t live around here anymore, so it gives me a connection to them. I’m really sad that they don’t live around here. I think they will move up here in the future, hopefully. They’ve taught me a lot.

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