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The two went out to dinner again the following night, and have been together since.

“It was love at first fight,” Ms. Daly said.

On Nov. 13, the couple was married at the Martin County Courthouse in Stuart, Fla. Genevieve Barrett Jones, a deputy clerk of the court, officiated.

Like their romance, their wedding was not an altogether straightforward affair.

“This is round — I’ve stopped counting — I think Round 4 of our plan,” Ms. Daly said.

They called off their original wedding after the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, and an alternative plan in Saratoga, N.Y., was foiled when New York State announced a quarantine requirement for out-of-state visitors. The two-year anniversary of their first date, in August, became the next possibility, but was scrapped when a close family member fell ill.

And then, with their marriage license about to expire, they abandoned a plan to marry in October after Ms. Daly’s purse was stolen, which, of course, necessitated all manner of cancellations, renewals and reams of paperwork. So with all that already behind them, Ms. Daly didn’t blink when the date set for their marriage turned out to be one that another couple might view as inauspicious.

“I called to get the marriage license, and said we want to book the ceremony, too,” Ms. Daly said. “Friday is a great day for us. And she said, the 13th? And I thought, what could be more fitting than Friday the 13th, 2020?”

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