#bumble | #tinder | #pof My partner watched me have sex.

Within 10 minutes, we’d received a dozen messages. 

Wading through the old man perverts, and many, many unwanted dick pics, I noticed a polite email from 26-year-old Jay, who introduced himself as athletic, fairly new to the scene but “very happy to indulge in all sins of the soul.”

His profile pictures were cute, and I shot him a message straight back. 

Two more and I was inviting him over. “Michael wants to watch,” I typed, as a smile spread across my face. I was about to get everything I’d always wanted. 

Within half an hour, Jay was knocking on our door and Michael took off downstairs to let him in. 

Arranging myself on the sofa with a glass of wine, I had no idea what to expect. 

I heard the boys head through to the kitchen for a vodka and by the time they walked into the room, my heart was pounding. 

“Hey,” a very youthful Jay smiled, shrugging out of his coat, as he sat down to my left, on one length of the lounge. Michael sat down on the other side of me and I felt like a queen. 

As we chatted easily, sexual tension simmered away. 

By the time Michael asked, “so how long have you been swinging”, I was resting up against him, stretched out on the couch facing Jay, as our new friend stroked my legs up and down. 

I looked him in the eyes and pushed myself up, until he was kissing me, his tongue searching my mouth while his hand slipped under my tiny black dress. 

Finding me wet and wanting, he pushed his fingers in as I leant back on the couch, looking across to Michael. At a metre away, on the other length of the sofa, he had the perfect viewing spot, and unbuttoned. 

As his foreign fingers worked me, the other hand pulled down my zip and the tight dress burst open. 

While Jay leant back to pull off his trousers, I crawled over to Michael, taking him in my mouth as Jay pushed into me from behind. I finally felt completely filled.

Turning around, Jay sat back against the sofa and I climbed on top, riding him hard and furiously fast while Michael watched behind me, tugging himself up and down. Without warning, I peaked in ecstasy, more turned on than I had ever been before.

Then I let Jay finish in my mouth. 

Not long after, Michael got up off the sofa and walked Jay to the door. 

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