#bumble | #tinder | #pof New Dating App Called ‘Snack’ is Trying to Attract TikTok Users by Fusing Videos in Profiles

After the woman-oriented Bumble made tremendous gains in IPO, yet another new woman-owned dating site has just hit the market.

Snack is a dating app that has recently been launched by Kimberly Kaplan. The USP of the app? It combines the features of a dating app and video apps like TikTok.

According to a report in Tech Crunch, the app was based on user behaviour across dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. Kaplan, who formerly worked in the product, marketing and revenue team of the dating app ‘Plenty of Fish’, observed that users, especially Gen Z, often matched with partners on dating websites/apps but would soon move the interactions to other apps like Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat where they could follow the other person in a more relaxed environment.

How does it work?

The app has all the usual features of a dating app. Instead of uploading photos, however, Snack users upload short videos. So instead of swiping through static photos, Snack users can check out potential matee through their videos.

According to Snack’s website, videos promote ‘transperancy’, and ‘trust’ and also allow users to get creative in various ways using the video format.

The app also differs from other dating apps in that it does not offer a location feature. This means that matches and options may not be limited or specific to a certain area. While some may see this is a negative, the makers of the app belive that it will make options more diverse for people by allowing them to interactive with people without location filters.

Inspired by TikTok

Snack founder Kimberly Kaplan told Newsweek that the app was inspired by the short video sharing platform TikTok. “One day, I was scrolling through videos on TikTok and started to see these dating like profiles in my feed. I had this lightbulb moment where I realized people were trying to date on TikTok, but it’s fundamentally not built for it,” she said.

With Bumble making huge gains in IPO, many entrepreneurs are looking at dating apps as a potentially hit moneymaker.

And by fusing the features of Instagram and TikTok with a dating app, the Snatch might just manage to make a new mark in the world of online dating.

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