#bumble | #tinder | #pof NXT Superstar Adam Cole Sends a Heartwarming Message to His Girlfriend Dr. Britt Baker

The Wednesday Night Wars between WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite always leaves fans wondering which side to pick, but there is one power couple in wrestling that doesn’t have this issue at all! Adam Cole and Britt Baker work for NXT and AEW respectively and are a couple in real life.

Adam Cole and Dr. Britt Baker complete 4 years together

NXT Superstar Adam Cole and AEW Wrestler Dr. Britt Baker completed 4 years of their relationship today. To commemorate this day, Adam Cole tweeted a series of pictures of him and Britt with an adorable caption.

Cole and Baker’s relationship is no secret in the professional wrestling world. Although Britt Baker is an AEW Star, it hasn’t stopped the NXT Superstar from attending AEW parties with his lady.

While the wrestling world is divided between two promotions, these two Superstars are prominent examples of how even rivals can have a lovely bond.

Their relationship is so perfect that from what we’ve seen and heard you wouldn’t believe they first crossed paths on a dating site!

Adam Cole and Britt Baker met on Bumble!

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet a few months ago, Dr. Britt Baker revealed how she met her boyfriend, Adam Cole. One would believe the two are pro wrestlers and may have caught up on the independent circuit, but that’s not the case. They met on Bumble instead!

“We’re both wrestlers, but we actually met on Bumble – a dating app. I was in Hershey, PA, for a dental school conference, and he came on Bumble,” said Baker.

Britt Baker revealed she did not recognize Adam Cole at first as he looked different in the image. She also revealed that it was difficult for them to get on a first date because of Cole’s heel demeanor, but they did go on a date after Cole won the ROH World Championship for the third time in his career.

That date after returning from Japan marked the beginning of what would be a 4-year strong and counting relationship. Cole and Baker currently live together in Orlando,

We wish both Cole and Baker all the love and happiness in their lives. They’re both great competitors, but make an even greater couple!

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