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The dating scenario has changed a lot thanks to the emergence of dating apps. Apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge has changed the way people met each other and started a relationship. The increasing popularity of the apps added to the growth of smartphone technology has definitely changed the dating game for everyone. 

And now we have another new demographic joining the online dating app user base. The older generation, specifically the ones from 55-60 years olds are joining and using these dating apps for quite a few years now. In fact, the research conducted by Pew Research Center showed that within the years 2013-2015, the number of older users of dating apps increased double, from 6% to 12%. 

What is driving this increase? Why are older people gravitating more and more towards online dating apps? If you are wondering about how to create a dating app for android, then you have to find out the answers to these questions. Let’s have a look at the reasons why dating apps are becoming more popular for older people. 

Reasons Why Elder Users Are Using Dating Apps

The number of dating app users is increasing among the elderly, which creates a new market of dating apps. However, before taking a look at that specific dating app market, we need to understand why these apps are becoming so popular. Or why more and more elderlies are joining dating apps. 

1. Ease And Availability Of Smart Devices

Since the last couple of years, smartphones and tablets have become really popular, and it is the number one reason why elder users are signing up for dating apps. 

Of course, even a few years ago, they were not so tech-savvy, hence why they were not familiar with dating apps. But thanks to the increasing hype around various smartphones, even our grandparents have become smooth enough to use smartphones and start dating on apps.

2. Data And Device Price Drop

With the advancement of smartphone tech and connectivity, it is obvious that data and device prices are going to drop. 

Because of this huge drop in price, both young adults and elders are joining online dating apps in huge numbers. The price drop has made it more accessible to these two demographics and as a result, the number of dating app users is swelling. 

3. The Ease Of Using Dating Apps

Initially, when users signed up for services such as eHarmony, they had to fill out hundreds of personal questions and essays. And even then it was not easy to get matched with someone you liked. 

But today it is simple and efficient to sign up with any online dating apps. All you have to do is to connect with your social media account and the app will collect important data themselves. No need for manually answering questions about your favorite cuisine. The smart dating apps would collect data automatically and give you plenty of choices, from which you can handpick who you want to date. Less effort and better results, this is one of the most important reasons why the number of elderly users is increasing in numbers. 

4. Meeting New People And Making Friends

As human beings, we all have an inherent need to meet and socialize with new people. And when it comes to the older generation, there are limited chances of socializing, save for book clubs and some other events. With dating apps, they not only get the chance to start dating again, but they can also meet like-minded people and make amazing friends. 

Now that we understand the main reasons why dating apps are becoming popular among the elder generation, it is now time to talk about the amazing dating apps specially designed for the elderlies.

Top 3 Senior Dating Apps In The Market

There are plenty of dating apps in the market for seniors. These apps have been around for a long time and are a trusted place to meet new people and. Here are the top three of the dating apps in the market for seniors. If you are planning about how to create a dating app, then checking out the features of these apps will be a good place to start.

1. Zoosk

Zoosk launched as a facebook application in 2007. And since then it has been helping the users meet the desired people through its platform. No matter who the user is, whether a single parent or an elderly person, Zoosk can help the user to find the perfect partner. 

Boasting a user base of 40 million worldwide, Zoosk is considered to be one of the most trusted dating app in the market right now. Want to create a dating app like Zoosk? Let’s find out what features they have.

Multiple Ways of Choosing the One:

Rather than the same old boring swipe, Zoosk offers multiple ways of choosing the one. It has a Carousel feature that gamifies the whole choosing part, making it fun and not as nerve-wracking as it feels. And then there is also the smart pick, through which the app shows the users the best people they can match with. If the user likes someone they can simply message that person. 

Advance Level Search Filter:

The advanced search filters on the app let you set your preferences when searching for a match. This way the users can personalize their search experience on the app. Additionally, with the location filter, you can meet singles in your locality easily.

Safety Features:

As for safety features, Zoosk verifies the user’s phone numbers and social media accounts. Not only that, but Zoosk was also the first app to use human moderators to verify member photographs. Their Insignia feature lets the users submit proof that they have served in the U.S. armed forces, removing the dishonest users from the app.

2. EliteSingles

Created for highly-educated singles from age 30-50, EliteSingle has created a niche dating app for people who are looking for something exclusive. If you want to make a dating app for an exclusive niche like this, then the features of Elite Singles will be a good place to start. The features for EliteSingles include-

Taking A Personality Test

Users begin their journey on EliteSingles with a personality test developed by professional psychologists. This way they can get better and more compatible matches.

Get Daily Compatible Matches

The users of EliteSingles receive 3-7 highly compatible matches every day. These matches are based on the profile, the results of the personality tests and preferences set by the users. Thee daily matches make it easy for users to find The One. 

Specify Preferences On The Profile

EliteSingles makes it easier for the users to specify the preferences when it comes to dating. This way they can get better daily matches. 

3. SilverSingles

Created exclusively for singles over 50, SilverSignles is the ultimate dating app for seniors. If you want to get into dating app development for the seniors, SilverSingles can act as a great example for you. The main feature for the app includes-

An Open Search For Better Search Options

With the open search option, singles on this app can search and browse through various profiles of other singles, making it easy for users to find someone. 

Send Smiles And Likes To Matched Profiles

Once matched, users can start communicating by not only sending messages but smiles and likes as well. 

Upload Facebook Photos Directly To Profile

The users don’t have to manually upload the photos on the app, as they would be able to upload their Facebook images directly on their profile.


It is not easy to create a dating app like tinder in India, let alone an app like tinder for elderly people. So if you are planning your dating app for elders, make sure to understand the market and the competitors first. This way you will get a comprehensive idea of what works and what doesn’t.

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