#bumble | #tinder | #pof Senior Australian Government official caught asking to be radio producer’s ‘sugar daddy’


A senior Australian Government official has reportedly been caught asking a radio host if he can be her “sugar daddy” in a wild social media exchange.

Triple M Sydney’s Moonman in the Morning host Lawrence Mooney revealed on Thursday that his producer Jana Hocking had been sent the shocking message from the unnamed official after he spotted her on dating app Bumble.

The app only allows direct messaging if a woman initiates the conversation, so the official took to Facebook to track Hocking down when they didn’t match on Bumble.

There, he contacted her via Facebook messenger and sent an outrageous message.

“Hi Hun, I want to spoil you… Got your details off Bumble, don’t stress I don’t bite… have you ever had a sugar daddy,” he asked Hocking, according to Mooney.

The radio producer was horrified and shot the man down in no uncertain terms, Mooney revealing her response on air.

“Now this is the part that really scared me, Jana just went [for] the jugular. ‘F-OFF You F—ing creep. Why would I need someone to pay my way, you sad creep!'” he read out.

That seemingly wasn’t enough to dissuade the official, who reportedly fired back: “Don’t be like that.”

When Hocking told the official it was “sad” that he had to “pay someone” to give him attention, he responded again.

“Please calm down, you’ve taken this the wrong way I’m sorry for upsetting you so early on a Tuesday morning,” he messaged the radio producer.

Furious about the whole exchange, Hocking made sure to be firm in her final message: “If you are a senior government official it’s really not wise for you to be asking people If you can be their sugar daddy. Message me again (or any girl) and I’ll report you to the police.”

She then blocked him, according to Mooney.

Anyone who has used a dating app will know how frustrating unsolicited messages can be, especially when they contain creepy offers like the one Hocking received.

Hopefully this will serve as a warning to anyone planning to send a similar sleazy message via Bumble, Tinder or any other dating app or social media platform – just don’t do it.

Take a listen to Lawrence retelling the story here.

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