#bumble | #tinder | #pof Serial conman posed as jet-setting surgeon and barrister to swindle women on Tinder and Bumble



conman who posed as a barrister and a doctor on dating apps to swindle money from lonely women is facing another spell behind bars today.  

Amir Tofangsazan, 33, claimed to be an international trauma surgeon working at hospitals around the world as he targeted women on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble.  

Using a string of aliases, he pretended to have a luxury property portfolio and a fleet of expensive cars while asking the victims to give him money.  

Tofangsazan was jailed in 2015 for seven years and nine months for 15 counts of fraud, duping unsuspecting women out of thousands of pounds.  

While still in prison in 2018, he got hold of a phone and started targeting more victims with the same online dating scam, landed himself another three-year jail term.  

Days of being released in November last year, Tofangsazan resumed his illicit activities in spite of a criminal behaviour order banning him from using dating apps or obtaining phones not registered with the police.  

He has now admitted six breaches of the criminal behavour order, and faces another prison spell when sentenced in January.  

“Tofangsazan has proven repeatedly that he cannot be trusted to cease his callous criminal activities, something he will have sufficient time to ponder as he serves yet another sentence”, said the Met’s investigating officer, Detective Constable Lisa Hilliard.  

“I applaud the victims in all of the cases relating to Tofangsazan for coming forward, their actions have ensured that he will not have the opportunity to lie his way into other women’s lives or bank accounts for some time to come.

“Fraudsters of this type work very hard at their cover stories, they are incredibly convincing and completely without conscience. They also rely heavily on the victim’s trusting good nature and the fact that they may be too embarrassed to report them.  

“Please don’t be embarrassed, if only to warn other unsuspecting victims, please do speak to police

Lewes crown court heard in 2018 how Tofangsazan had preyed on “vulnerable and lonely” women, convincing one victim to hand over £4,000 by posing as a jet-setting surgeon.  

He claimed to have cash flow problems and needed money to renew his medical licence, but was actually gambling the money away.  

Another victim gave Tofangsazan £15,000, believing they were in a committed relationship. 

When set free from prison, he was under the criminal behaviour order which banned him from dating apps and allowed one mobile phone that was registered with police.

Within three days, Tofangsazan – calling himself Jason – contacted two women who were witnesses in his previous trial, and then got in touch with a woman he had previously been in a relationship with.  

At Wood Green crown court on Tuesday, Tofangsazan admitted obtaining two extra phones, using Tinder and Bumble, and failing to tell police he had got a laptop and moved home.  

He has been remanded in custody until sentencing on January 12 next year.

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