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Can we all just agree on the notion that online dating is hard. It can be super time consuming and even a little discouraging at times, if you’re not making any successful matches. There is a definite upside to it all though. If you’re just getting back into the dating game after being in a relationship for a long time, it can be refreshing to simply make yourself a dating profile and start swiping.

For single moms who are low on time because they have a career and children to raise, being able to online date and do it successfully can seem like something of a daunting task. Plus, we all know that a mom’s needs end up being the first thing to go to the bottom of the pile when it comes to raising children as they come first. With a good plan, there are some ways to make it work though and we’re here to explore and give you a surefire guide to online dating for the single mom.

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Don’t wait too long

Even though it’s always the best idea to wait until you feel fully ready to get back out there, whether that be after a messy divorce or after a breakup from a long term relationship, there’s definitely something to be said about not waiting too long. And although we fully encourage every single mom out there to feel secure in themselves and their ability to feel whole and happy in themselves, experts do say that if you wait too long to take the plunge into getting back out there, you might become a little too comfortable with being and staying single.

So, think about this the next time you’re on your couch with a bottle of wine and The Bachelor for the fifth weekend in a row. It’s important to be able to push yourself a little in this area if you want some real growth as we all know that single moms are like superheroes and sometimes we don’t want to admit when we’re feeling lonely and might be in need of a date.

Decide what app is for you

The world of apps and websites you can sign up for when you’re looking to online date can be totally overwhelming. Some are taken more seriously and offer up decent options for people who are looking to find a something more serious and long-lasting and then there are the ones that offer a little… something else.

If you’re just looking to get your feet wet a little and have some fun, trying out Tinder or Bumble might be a good first move for you. They’re fairly easy to get started with and even though Tinder tends to have a reputation for being more of a hook-up app nowadays, it’s all in what you put into it and can be one of the easiest sites to start swiping.

For those who are looking to hit the ground running and immediately weed out some of the individuals who don’t take this whole online dating thing very serious, eHarmony, OkCupid and Match all have great reputations for having their users fill out surveys and lengthy bios in order to properly match people up.

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Prioritize dating or it might not happen

Making time for the plethora of dating apps that exist and the activity and upkeep it takes to keep yourself a viable and active individual on them can be hard enough for people who don’t have children, but when you have kids, it’s a whole other story. Think about what a regular day with your kids looks like. You’re probably up at the crack of dawn getting them ready and off to school and then it’s work time. And after school it’s all the extra-curriculars and play dates and then it’s time for dinner and homework and baths and then bed.

And just when you’re getting cozy on the couch for 30 minutes of television, you remember the load of laundry that needs to go in the dryer. Our point here is that if you don’t prioritize and make time during your day to check the apps, reply to messages and stay active on the apps, it all goes to the wayside. Aside from messages, don’t be afraid to make time for some actual dates too! We’re sure your friends or relatives would be happy to babysit for the good of your love life.

Be upfront about your kids and what you’re looking for

Lastly, once you actually get out there and have some dates, don’t be afraid to bring up your kids and your real life with potential partners. Anyone worth spending your time with and hopefully building a relationship with, needs to know what your everyday and authentic life looks like and your kids are very much a huge part of that. Divulging this crucial information might even weed out those few people who aren’t interested in being with someone with kids, so really, in the end you’re doing yourself a big favor and not wasting your precious time.

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