#bumble | #tinder | #pof So Many Celebrities Are Dating Guys From ‘The Bachelorette’

The decision to date someone from Bachelor Nation makes sense, when you think about it. You can see all the red flags you’d normally notice on a second, third, or fourth date before you even meet the person—all while wearing sweats and drinking wine in the comfort of your couch. Oh, he blatantly lied about the girlfriend he has back home? Swipe left. He’s eating deli meats and doing pull-ups on door frames? Swipe left. He refers to himself as the Box King? Hard swipe left.

We all do this when watching The Bachelorette, myself included. But when you’re a hot, single celebrity, you can actually turn those fake swipes into something real. If a random person slid into Mike Johnson’s DMs after seeing how well he treated Hannah Brown, he might ignore them. When Demi Lovato does it, well, that’s different. (Just a hypothetical situation, of course.) By the time their dinner came around, Lovato had presumably watched several episodes of Johnson on The Bachelorette and had at least a rough idea of his personality. That’s more information to go into a first date with than most people get.

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Granted, the pool of men who appear on The Bachelorette is not that deep. They’re hot, yes, but for some that’s where the appeal ends. This is where my metaphorical swiping model comes into play yet again. Instead of seeing your date criticize a stranger IRL for wearing “athletic shoes” to the beach, you can watch it on TV. (In all seriousness, that line was actually hilarious; Jordan Kimball was a riot this season on Bachelor in Paradise.) ABC already found out for you if the guys are looking for love or just spon-con. Female celebrities are simply reaping the benefits from that.

Some of these relationships have the potential to go the distance. Hyland and Adams are engaged and couldn’t be more in love. “That can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kind of stuff,” she posted to Instagram after he popped the question in July. So if it turns out that Hadid and Cameron, Johnson and Lovato, or Bilson and Viall are actually couples, they have a promising template to work with.

Wait, so was Chris Harrison really just a celebrity matchmaker this entire time? The mind absolutely boggles.

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