#bumble | #tinder | #pof Tennis Star Genie Bouchard Reveals What It Takes To Land A Date With Her

Genie Bouchard has teased tennis fans by revealing the ‘all-important criteria’ she looks for in a would-be date.

The 26-year-old tennis star has been collaborating with dating app Bumble and has signed up to the platform as part of the partnership.

And Bouchard took to Instagram Stories to share four different match boxes, each of which has three different qualities attached to a man.

The Canadian stunner picked match three, which consisted of a man having a backyard pool, loves planning surprise dates and doesn’t believe in watching TV.

Credit: Genie Bouchard/Instagram

The tennis beaut lived up to her word as she recently went on a virtual date with Menery, who pledged to donate $4,000 to charity if Bouchard agreed to the date.

During their Zoom session, Bouchard opened up about a “disaster” date that she once went on with a bloke who was suffering from food poisoning.

“I went on a date with a guy once, we went to the beach and he had food poisoning and he ran to the bathroom to throw up every 20 minutes,” she said.

“It was just a disaster, it was so bad. We tried to chill out on the beach and have fun, but he would keep disappearing, behind bushes, to the bathroom in the clubhouse, it was bad.

“We were supposed to go to dinner after but I was hoping, I was like, ‘I really don’t want to go to dinner anymore because this is awful’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, what if we skip dinner?’ I was like, ‘That’s great, can you just drop me off at home, goodbye.'”

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