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Previous, TechTimes reported that Elon Musk wants Tesla cars to play elevator music. By the way, it has a purpose. 

Now, Tesla will release Dating App. However, it will be exclusive for car owners. Tinder, Bumble, and other current dating apps help people find potential partners or “fling.” But, it is still hard to find individuals who have the same mindset as you, especially if all you are thinking about is Elon Musk and his Tesla vehicles.

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Tesla Will Have A Dating App? It Will Be Exclusive for Car Owners

Most people are rarely talking about their carbon footprint, philosophy, colonizing Mars, saving the Earth, and even naming their kids after spy planes, making it difficult for Teslites and Muskians to converse or co-exist with non-Muskians or non-Teslites people.

Research showed that Tesla owners have 90% less chance to find love or partner compared to other people, which troubles some of the car owners. 

“So I went on a date today, and he didn’t drive a #Tesla. Sadly, this is an issue that severely limits the available pool. Tell me to get over it, or that it’s ok to die alone,” tweeted a Teslite, @kimpaquatte.

The company decided to release a dating app called “Tesla Dating” to help its customers find the right partner since it will be exclusive to Tesla car owners.

How Tesla Dating app works

Tesla Dating app aims to help Muskians and Teslites to find the right partner finally. The exclusive app’s tagline states, “Because You Can’t Spell LOVE Without EV.”

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Tesla Will Have A Dating App? It Will Be Exclusive for Car Owners

Ajitpal Grewal, the founder of the new dating app, said that there is a pattern revealing that people who bought into Tesla embrace the technology, to the point that being an owner became an essential part of their identity. 

Grewal also added that the EV owners share a lot of values such as appreciating Elon Musk’s high-tech cars and reducing their impact on the environment.  

It will also make sure that people can’t falsely claim that they own a Tesla vehicle by requiring the owners to provide proof of ownership before they can sign up for the service. It is now open for sign up so that Tesla EV owners can have early access. 

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