#bumble | #tinder | #pof Text Dating and the Most Popular Instant Messaging Systems

Text Dating refers to romantic exchange of text messages via SMS or instant messaging apps.

Over the past years, it seems that almost every dating dilemma and advantage has something to do with texting.

And with the growing popularity of various online
dating resources, texting and dating are no longer just for the 20 year olds.
Men and women who are dating after 50 likewise benefit from the joy of text

Most dating apps and social media platforms have features that encourage its registered users to send text messages to each other.

After all, it is the most practical way of capturing one’s attention and to make an attempt for instant connection.

Text Dating involves romantic exchange of text messages via SMS or with the use of an instant messaging app.

Furthermore, exchanging text messages is also one way of getting to know more about a person and expressing how you feel towards each other.

And we know for a fact that good communication is one way of determining your compatibility besides matchmaking systems, astrology and zodiac signs.

Sending each other text messages every now and then helps in establishing rapport and relationship online.

Most Popular Online Resources for Text Dating

Text Dating takes place in a lot of platforms online.

And with the increasing number of resources that feature text messaging, it has become one of the easiest and most practical methods of communicating your thoughts and expressing your feelings.

Here are the most popular online resources for text dating;

Mobile Dating Apps

Dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Happn and OkCupid offer free messaging among its members.

This makes it easier for anyone to express his/her interest towards another user. Sending text messages is also the easiest way to get one’s attention and to initiate a conversation.

Some dating apps have features that allow its users to send text messages with multimedia elements for free.

Instant Messaging Apps

Text Dating happens in a lot of messaging apps and it’s easy to understand why.

First is because they’re free. All you need to do is to download the app, secure data or internet connection and you can start sending an unlimited number of text messages to another user.

Second is because messaging apps allow multimedia sharing which makes text dating more fun and entertaining.

You can send images, videos, GIFs and stickers to communicate or express something when words are not enough.

And third is because they have social media elements. Users can share snippets of their life to their text partners. Most instant messaging apps also allow voice and video calls.

Some of the most popular instant messaging apps are Skype, Viber and Google Hangouts.

Other messaging apps with social media features are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and IMO.

Sending text messages is one way of getting one’s attention and expressing your thoughts and feelings.

Short Message Service (SMS)

SMS or Short Message Service is a text messaging system and a component of most mobile phone devices.

It makes use of standardized communication protocols in order to allow exchange of short text messages between mobile devices.

SMS is a product offered by most phone and mobile
network service providers.

It is also useful in text dating or romantic exchange
of messages when instant messaging apps are not accessible.

Most network providers impose standard charges or line packages for SMS messaging system.

International SMS is also quite costly which makes it an impractical choice among couples who are from different countries.

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