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The Bachelor

Episode 5

Season 24

Episode 5

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He’s just TERRIBLE at this. Sweet Shakira’s hips. He’s POSITIVELY AWFUL at whatever it means to be the Bachelor. You know how every office has a person that you’re like, “How do they still have this job? I saw them photocopy a sandwich”? That person is Peter. It’s as if he looked at the job description, but instead of reading words in an earthly language, he saw Martian script, handed it back to Chris Harrison, and still said, “Yup, got it.” It’s almost admirable how every single opportunity for him to make a decision, he does the exact opposite of what he should do. Peter is so bad at being the Bachelor that I’m missing the halcyon days of Nick Viall. Y’all. This is bad. 

As I was watching Peter make an absolute fool of himself on national television, I realized what his problem is: He’s a coward. If you give him the easy way out, he’s going to take it. Why do you think he canceled the second cocktail party of THIS THREE-HOUR EPISODE? Was it because he got “clarity” after talking to Kelsey in his hotel suite? No, it’s because he didn’t want to get screamed at by all the ladytestants again. After bringing Alayah back and feeling the wrath of an entire Forever 21 weekend staff, he eliminated Alayah because it was “too much.” People having opinions about his actions was “too much.’ He can’t stand the idea of anyone not liking him, so instead of owning his decisions, he’ll walk them back if the reaction isn’t what he expected.

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