#bumble | #tinder | #pof ‘The Office’ Is The Most Watched Licensed TV Show On Netflix And It Isn’t Even Close



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A Surprising List

To the surprise of no one who has ever talked to a man on Bumble, The Office is the most watched show on Netflix, and it’s not even close. While at the Wall Street Journal‘s global tech conference in Laguna Beach, CA, economic advisor and media strategist Scott Lazerson revealed which shows were the most popular on Netflix during a presentation, with classic sitcoms The Office and Friends are at the top of the list.

‘The Office’ Is Number One By A Huge Margin

According to the report, Netflix users have streamed 52.08 billion minutes of The Office, with Friends trailing at second place with 32.6 billion minutes.

Filling Out The Rest Of The Ranking

Rounding out the top ten is Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Shameless, Orange Is The New Black, Supernatural, Parks And Recreation, and Ozark.

While it appears that OITNB and Ozark are the only two original series on the list, Netflix released data confirming that Stranger Things was its most watched original series at 64 million views.

What Do New Streaming Services Mean For Netflix?

With The Office going to NBC’s upcoming streaming service Peacock next year and Friends navigating to HBO Max, you can’t help but wonder how the streaming giant will compete with all of the upcoming platforms that are coming around the bend.

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