#bumble | #tinder | #pof These Bachelor Winners Found Love After the Final Rose


Sure, he hadn’t produced the sparkler she’d been envisioning, the perfect proposal or even mustered up an “I love you,” but, “I really cared about him at the time,” the pediatric nurse explained to Chris Harrison on Sept. 7 as she relived that 2014 finale on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons—Ever!, “and I honestly thought that the worst was behind us. I had no idea of what I was in store for.”

For instance, she had no way of knowing that their After the Final Rose chat would turn into an intense showdown, retired soccer player Galavis digging in and refusing to give longtime host Harrison the love story he was looking for. “I just thought that everyone was going to be so happy for me and we could, like, finally be free and it would just all be super great and, like, sunshine and rainbows and butterflies and wedding bells or whatever from there,” Ferrell noted. Instead she found herself constantly defending a man who refused to say those three little words.

“When you’re with someone and you care about someone, you stick up for that person, you have their back and that’s what I did for him,” she explained. “And I felt like I did that for him, so he should have met me halfway and made things a little easier for me, but that wasn’t really the case.” 

Faced with leaving her life in Kansas City to join a man in Miami who wasn’t all-in, she chose herself: “I felt like I was still on the show, like, waiting to be picked and I wanted him to choose me,” she recalled. “Like I wanted him to fully commit and be in it like I was. And the just never really happened.”

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