#bumble | #tinder | #pof Tinder is testing a video chat feature to help you date during the pandemic

While the MCO has been eased a little these days in Malaysia, it is still quite difficult to socialise outside due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For an alternative to regular dates like outside dinners, people have resorted to using video chat platforms like Zoom to meet each other—which is why Tinder is testing out their own video chat feature.

Once you’ve matched with another user, Tinder’s ‘Face to Face’ video chat feature would be available to the both of you, but you’ll need to enable the feature first. You can also turn it off at any point, just in case you don’t want to use the feature with them.

You’d also have to agree to Tinder’s ‘ground rules’, which includes only “PG” rated chats without nudity, harassment and violence. But as for things like harassment that could be present with a new feature like this, the company isn’t saying if it’ll do anything to protect users during actual chats.

You’ll still be able to offer feedback about video chats once they’ve ended, as well as report users as usual. However, it seems Tinder still has a lot to learn about how users will adopt ‘Face to Face’.

Tinder announced that it has begun testing the chat feature in the U.S., Brazil, South Korea and several other countries. It doesn’t seem like it’s available yet in Malaysia, yet.

This feature is not exactly new to dating apps. Bumble has also introduced their video chat feature. Their users can put a designated “Virtual Date Badge” on their profiles so that other people know that they’re willing to go on some digital dates since they’re not for everyone.


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