#bumble | #tinder | #pof US: Man creates dating app where he’s the only man available

A man by the name of Aaron Smith recently created a dating application called Singularity, where he will be the only man available to be swiped left or right. Aaron said that the reason behind creating Singularity was because his face was not featured properly on other dating apps and that caused a problem for him matching with girls and going on dates.


According to reports, unlike other dating applications such as Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, or OkCupid, women who sign up on Singularity will not be bombarded with limitless options instead women will be met with a collection of Aaron’s pictures. Apparently these photos will feature Smith in a Christmas hat, playing the guitar, and a picture of him jumping right in front of an ice cream truck.

Smith took the help of his friend Scott McDowell, a software engineer, who coded and helped his friend launch Singularity. Speaking to a local media outlet McDowell said that everyone who has used online dating apps can relate to how things do not pan out the way people want it to and causes a huge disappointment.

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Aaron Smith also released an advertisement wherein he said that online dating is a terrible option and is getting more nonsensical every year. He added that people always had the option of meeting others in the old-fashioned way but that felt like a lot of work. In addition to this line, Smith added that Singularity will save a lot of people from numerous hours of swiping by just matching with him.

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An attempt to find ‘soulmates’

Social media giant Facebook launched a dating application that will help people find their ‘soulmates’. For people to start using the online dating service, they will have to create a separate profile that will be completely independent from the profile visible to family and friends. To ensure the privacy of its users, the app will not share or post any of the activities to the person using the app and anybody else’s Facebook profile.

According to reports, the app will send its potential users choices based on their preferences, interests and things that they do on the social media platform. The app will also have a second look feature that will enable users to have a second look at someone if they accidentally left swipe them. 

One of the other features will allow people to stop the matching process either if they have found someone or just don’t feel like using the dating application anymore. The app will be available to use for only those people who are 18 and above.

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