#bumble | #tinder | #pof Wareham resident, Dennis firefighter charged with rape


Myles Heselton, a 30-year-old Wareham resident and firefighter in Dennis, has been arrested and charged with rape and photographing an unsuspecting nude person.

A woman met Heselton on Bumble, a dating app, early in September. The two met up several times, and had an initial sexual encounter after the victim said no several times that the victim described as forceful but consensual.

She described several later sexual encounters during which Heselton allegedly continued to penetrate her after she told him to stop multiple times, saying that he was hurting her. 

In one instance, he allegedly pinned her arms over her head while she objected. She said he was strong enough that she was unable to get away from him.

Later, Heselton allegedly told the victim that he had multiple security cameras in his home, including one pointed at his bed, and showed her videos of one of the incidents. She did not consent to being videotaped.

The victim told police she was afraid that since they had broken up, she was afraid that he would share the videos.

In an interview with police, Heselton denied the allegations and said the victim had never told him to stop while they were having sex. He also denied having a video of the incidents.

Heselton’s license to carry was revoked. Police supervised transfer of 10 of the 18 weapons Heselton owned to Heselton’s father, Brian Heselton. The pair said they regularly swap weapons, and Brian Heselton told police he would check his gun safe for the remaining 8 weapons. 

Heselton was released on $5,000 cash bail after an October 11 hearing at Wareham District Court.

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